1964 : Michel Finquel became interested in high-risk sport protections and created the first non-flammable combination under the brand NAZA/F1, it saved so many lives during Grand Prix’s in Formula 1.

1989 : GPA created the first full-face crash helmet using a totally innovating strap design substituting itself from the classic band, this development was immediately approved in all motor sports.

1998 : In the 90’s, GPA decided to come rescue horse riders who were protecting their heads with “decorative helmets”; by creating the very first approved helmet (GPA Classic), in accordance with the newly created standards they helped establish.

2006 : First ventilated helmet

2018 : Proven performance of the new jugular decided them to adapt the CONCEPT technology to the 4S line as well as to Speed’Air one so they can benefit from this new step forward. All our ranges are and will stay the best ones on the market, but the CONCEPT technology is the futur of the helmet especially the horse riding helmet.

GPA have once again been nominated for the “SPOGA HORSE AWARD INNOVATION” for the 4S CONCEPT, result of two GPA patent.

Finely crafted Helmets Handmade in France, GPA is implanted in the beautiful region of the French Riviera, produces “French Helmet” by hand in its workshops located in Toulon in the Var department.

The brand is the only one who can claim to produce helmet with a 54 years of experience, with a great savoir-faire, all with the French elegance!

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